Bayraktar Architecture started it’s activities in 2004 and carries out production works for different needs with interior and exterior design applications, concept consultancy, furniture & product design, decoration and renovation applications, exploration and project design services. Bayraktar Architecture creates creative ideas and ultra-luxury spaces by transforming current requirements into a pleasant and rich experience with its creative design team. We make flawless designs that make a difference with the quality of the details and workmanship with the experienced and reliable production team with the multidisciplinary working principle. Bayraktar Architecture has been involved in many projects such as residences, offices, cafes, restaurants, shopping malls, hotels and hospitals. It aims to be an innovative, creative and reliable solution partner by closely following the sector with the domestic and international fairs and projects it participates.


In Bayraktar Architecture, our team brings creativity, ultra luxury,passion, research and expertise to offer peaceful, spacious, elegant and aesthetic spaces together.

  1. PROJECT CONSULTANCY - As Bayraktar Architecture team; by analyzing with our experienced design and production team; We create spaces where you dream.With our ultra luxury, dynamic, innovative and creative design approach, we are ready to work with you to complete the process smoothly and with a hundred percent satisfaction. The service titles we support in this process;                                                                                 Application control, project and application management                                                        Interior design consultancy services                                                                                                    Fine structure and decoration services                                                                                                Facade applications                                                                                                                                            Project analysis-research-development                                                                                                    3D architectural and interior design and presentation
  2. INTERIOR DESIGN & APPLICATION - We create projects that integrate the user with designs that add value to your living spaces, workplaces and social spaces. Bayraktar Architecture; It is a multidisciplinary design office that adopts free thinking, ultra-luxury design, imagination, details and dynamism as its design principle in all its processes. With its experienced team, production department and workshop, it works with unlimited imagination and trouble-free production in design and production. While working with comfort, quality and time in the design concept, functionality, structural factors and aesthetic measures are handled together. Bayraktar Architecture; It creates projects that add value to villas, apartments, offices, restaurants, hotels, dormitories, hospitals, workplaces and social areas and integrates the user.                                                              With our experienced and experienced production team in our own workshops, our experienced users designed in the field of products can be managed on time and smoothly with the evaluations made.                                                                                    Bayraktar Architecture projects are guaranteed for 5 years.
  3. DISCOVERY AND PROJECT DESIGN - We believe that every space has its own soul and we revive it with original design ideas. We believe every project is unique and has its own characteristics. We love to work with our customers to get the best results and fulfill their individual needs and tastes in accordance with the spirit of the place. Project areas are researched together with the user, evaluated with the design and production team according to the demands, and the demands, imagination, concept, functionality and existing structure of the project are taken into consideration. Projects are presented in 3D. It is approved and applied. 

Our Contacts


Zafer Mah, Deniz Gezmiş Cd. No:8-10, 34230 Esenyurt/İstanbul


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